Could Jason Blossom come back from the dead on Riverdale? KJ Apa thinks so!

Riverdale star KJ Apa responded to some crazy fan theories and we’re honestly more confused than ever before! We’re only two episodes into the second season of Riverdale, and it’s already so much darker and dramatic than all of season one. Not only is there a masked murderer running around town shooting and choking people, but Archie Andrews’ friend group is slowly falling apart. Every character is having parent problems and it looks like Betty and Jughead are going to have some relationship issues in the upcoming episodes (wahhhhh☹️).

We have so many questions about what to expect from the rest of the season and waiting a whole week to find out something new is slowly becoming intolerable. Although the cast of Riverdale is super close and are always posting pictures and videos from set, they’re really good at keeping show secrets. Thankfully KJ is finally responding to some of the craziest fan theories. In an interview with ELLE, KJ tells all while reading fan theories and we can’t get enough.

For instance: t’s no secret that Sabrina the Teenage Witch is getting her own Riverdale-esque spin-off show and she may make an appearance on Riverdale, but a fan introduced a whole new thought saying she hopes Sabrina resurrects Jason Blossom as a zombie and the show turns into horror! As crazy as that thought may be, KJ seems to be on board with the idea. Another fan theory suggests that Archie and Cheryl Blossom are actually related in a very interesting way. By KJ’s reaction we’re guessing that he would be okay with this insane twist actually happening.

Watch the video above to see KJ’s reaction to the craziest Riverdale fan theories! ⇑⇑


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