CBS Local – There’s been a lot of negativity in 2017. It can be hard, as a news organization, to not get wrapped up in reporting on just the bad news. But while many are more than ready to say goodbye to 2017, and hello to the uncertainty of 2018, let’s take a look back at some news stories that made us smile.

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12-Year-Old Michigan Boy Rescues Toddler From Pool
Brayden Armstrong was at a wrestling tournament when he went to the hotel pool to get some of his clothes. That’s when he saw a boy sinking under the water. He jumped in to grab the three-year-old. The toddler was given CPR, and survived and sheriffs credit Brayden’s quick thinking with saving the boy’s life.

Lobstermen Free Seal Trapped In Net Off Maine Coast
Two lobstermen are responsible for saving a seal from a deadly fishing net. They spotted the pup in a huge knot and carefully cut him out of the rope. After making sure the seal wasn’t hurt, they returned him to the water.

Minnesota Sergeant Dancing With 92-year-old Woman Caught On Camera
Minnesota resident Millie Seiver was seen dancing alone in the parking lot near her home when Sgt. Kim Lenz decided to keep her company. The officer pulled her patrol car over and turned up the radio before joining the 92-year-old for a dance. The police department posted the dashboard cam video on their Facebook page, where it became a viral hit.

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Md. Girl With Rare, Incurable Disease Competes In Miss Teen Maryland
A teen born with a rare, incurable disease had her dream come true when she competed in Miss Teen Maryland. Macey Brietenback’s condition leaves with without a working gastrointestinal system. She was able to compete, and although she didn’t win, she was given a pageant Spirit Award. She was also able to bring her personal cause of organ donation awareness to the event.

Students Raise Nearly $14K To Help Substitute Teacher Pay For Wife’s Surgery
Students in Minnesota came together to help their 80-year-old substitute teacher pay for his wife’s surgery. Walter Erickson couldn’t retire because he had been saving up to pay for his wife to get cataract surgery. But students instead started a GoFundMe page to help him. The goal was $500, but the students raised $13,955.

CA Police Officers Help Elderly Couple Celebrate Thanksgiving and Anniversary
Rose Roderick usually takes the bus to see her dying husband in the hospital each day, but there was no service on Thanksgiving. So Rose called 911, and Lodi Police received the call and knew they had to step in. Just 10 minutes later, police arrived and drove her to the hospital where she was able to celebrate the holiday and the couple’s anniversary together.

New York Boy With Autism Has Christmas Wish Come True
10-Year-Old Michael Clyne has autism and rarely speaks to strangers, but when he sat on Santa’s lap this year, he made a very clear request: Applepie Toys’ Ginger Cat Pull Along Toy. The family began searching, but quickly realized the toy went out of production 10 years ago. The Facebook plea the family made went viral, and a toy company employee in California found just one Ginger Cat left and sent it to Michael’s family.

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