Keep up to speed with CW11 Seattle’s own sponsored race car driver, Brittney Zamora! She keeps a play-by-play of her week behind the wheel and is here to share the thrills on the track! For more info on Brittney, check out her bio here!

Track: Evergreen Speedway
Race: Twin 55’s
Car: Super Late Model
Qualified: 1st – set pole
Finished: 6th and 4th

Practice: Only having two practice session before qualifying and the race, my team and I had a strategy to prepare for the day. First session we went out on old tires due to our budget and tested out a new set-up compared to the set-up we used here at the previous race. We started out on the right track and put on newer used tires to get a better feel for the car. Second session we started out on our race tires to scuff them for qualifying and then we came in and put on a used set to see if our minor setup changes made the car handle any better, and it did.

Qualifying: first lap I ran a 15.717 and my second lap I improved to a 15.672. At this point I had set pole but more cars remained to take their run. After it was all said and done, I captured pole and beat out some of the west coasts’ best drivers/qualifiers. I drew a “0” for the invert and started on pole for the first Twin 55 race.

First Twin 55: starting on pole got a great start and had over half a car length lead going into the first corner. After receiving contact from the outside lane driver, my car got sideways but I was able to gather it up and keep going. I fell back to 8th due to this incident but knew I had 54 more laps to get back up to the front. After just 6 laps I made my way up to 6th and on lap 37 I had made it to 4th, fighting for a podium position. At the point in the race I was dealing with a tight car in the center of the corner, right when I would get off the breaks. I tried many different braking techniques but none seemed to mask the issue. I was then fighting to maintain my position when on lap 53/55 I got a tap from the back and was then riding on the outside to keep my spot. I fell short and ended up 6th.

Intermission: My crew and I made some setup changes and knew that in the next twin 55 that I would be starting third due to the invert and we needed to pick off just two spots and bring home the win.

Second twin 55: On warm up laps, I noticed that I was losing response from the wheel, the car would turn to the right however when I would turn left there was a bunch of slack and about a 2-3 second delay until the car would actually respond and turn. We came in and discovered that all three of the steering rack and pinion bolts were loose, causing the issue. We fixed the problem and unfortunately had to start last. By lap 13, I gained many positions and found myself in the 8th spot. I could immediately tell that the set-up changes we had made were big improvements. I was able to roll the center of the corner better and was able to keep the car down on the white line. I knew I had the car to beat and wanted to prove it. On lap 35 I had made my way up to 5th and worked on 4th place, eventually passing them on lap 40. From here I had about a straight away to catch up to 3rd place. I was patient, drove smart and stayed consistent to catch up to third within only 10 laps. With 5 laps to go, I was on his bumper and had made attempts to pass him but didn’t do it in time. The checkered came out and I was half a car length away from getting that podium finish.

Review: Within only two races here at Evergreen Speedway, never having raced here before, my team and I are making greats strides and are showing huge improvements. We strongly believe that we will be contending for the win within no time. Our countless hours of hard work in the shop every week day, our persistence and our want to win are showing now more than ever. I look forward to keeping in touch with you during the 2018 season.

Next race: Mark Galloway 150
Track: Evergreen Speedway 5/8 mile
Car: Super Late Model
Date: May 26th

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    Way to Go,keep hitting your marks..

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