Keep up to speed with CW11 Seattle’s own sponsored race car driver, Brittney Zamora! She keeps a play-by-play of her week behind the wheel and is here to share the thrills on the track! For more info on Brittney, check out her bio here!

Brittney Zamora Race Recap
Date of Race:  May 26th, 2018
Event: Mark Galloway 150
Track: Evergreen Speedway 5/8 Oval track (Home of the Summer Showdown)
Car: Super Late Model
Qualified: 8th/20 cars
Finished: 9th/20 cars
NASCAR Whelen All American Series points standings: 4th out of

Friday practice: I was consistently top 5 the entire day, meanwhile figuring out the quirks of the track and my driving style as this was my first time on this track. Tires wear down quickly on this track, as the surface is known by drivers as a “cheese grater”. We were fighting a tight car in the center of the corner when we lifted off the brakes, thus causing a free car on the exit of the corner. We were working on this issue as the day went on, as the track was changing and as tires wore down and went through heat cycles. We knew we were on the right track as the adjustments made improvements and from then on, we were ready for race day.

Saturday morning practice: Started by making minor setup adjustments after practice yesterday, we were ready for our first practice of the day. The adjustments helped and with knowing how the track changed from day to night yesterday, we made adjustments to make the car better for the race. We scuffed our qualifying and race tires the next practice and were ready for qualifying.

Qualifying: My first lap I had already picked up 3 tenths off my fastest lap in practice, then on my second lap I picked up another 2 tenths to put me 8th out of 20 cars. During my qualifying laps I did notice that my brake pedal went nearly to the floor on both laps and this had an effect on my times. We checked over the master cylinders and bled the brakes and found air in the lines. They were good for the rest of the day and for the entire main event, but I would’ve had a better qualifying lap time and starting position if we didn’t have this issue in qualifying.

Mark Galloway 150 Main Event: starting 8th, outside of the 4th row, I knew I had plenty of laps to gain position. I knew I had to be patient during the first 100 laps and then fight for the win during the remaining 50, which was after the ten-minute break on lap 100. On lap 3, I missed a four-car pileup that happened right in front of me which put me up to 5th.  From here, I was cruising with the 4 cars in front of me, saving my right side tires to get us through the first 100 laps. At the 100-lap break, we made shock adjustments, other suspension adjustments and mounted on two new right side tires for the following 50 laps. 20 laps in after the break, we started bottoming out through the corners, knew it wasn’t a big issue at the time but started to keep an eye on it, to make sure it didn’t get any worse. However, the problem continued, got worse and we were hitting the track about 5-6 times during one corner, we suspected a tire going down but wanted to finish the rest of the race. During this, I noticed the car started to get unstable and inconsistent.  With twelve laps to go, on lap 138/150 my crew and I had serious concern and debated on pitting to fix the tire, with not wanting to lose position and knowing there was only twelve laps left, we mutually agreed to stay on the track. On lap 142/150 the steering wheel started to shake and this is where I decided to take it slow, slow down my momentum and at this point just survive all the 7 remaining laps. As I went into turn 1, the RF tire blew on us and I did everything I could to keep the car off the wall, and I did. I drove her in the pits and we changed the tire and got back out without losing a lap. With 1 lap till we were green again we still noticed a larger amount of sparks and I was still bottoming out of the track, so we knew we were fighting another issue. I came in, we jacked up the car and noticed that the heim joints and sway bar arm was grounded out and broken.  We were unable to fix this issue in time to finish the last 7 laps and ended up falling from a podium potential finish to a ninth place finish.

When we got home and unloaded the car, we noticed that we had a de-beaded RR tire and suspect that this didn’t help us in the main event. I found the issue and it was a small puncture on the surface of the RR tire causing a slow but steady air leak. Also, when doing our post-race scaling and setup, we noticed that the LR trailing arm bolt was loose, causing the trailing arm to shift around two inches, this makes sense because I noticed the car was feeling unstable and inconsistent during the last 50 laps of the race.

I look forward to being back on the 5/8 track again on June 30th for the Summer Showdown in my SuperGirl CW11 Ford Fusion, for one of the biggest Super Late Model events on the west coast. I believe we will have a strong finish at that race due to heading into it with a lot of gained knowledge.

Next Race: June 2nd, 2018 Rumble at Rochester 125
Car:  Super Late Model

Thank you to all my sponsors:
SuperGirl CW11
Kulwicki Driver Development Program
NorthTech Equipment Repair
Luke’s Carpet
Brashear Electric
Northwest Auto Glass Repair


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