Keep up to speed with CW11 Seattle’s own sponsored race car driver, Brittney Zamora! She keeps a play-by-play of her week behind the wheel and is here to share the thrills on the track! For more info on Brittney, check out her bio here!

Brittney Zamora
Race Recap 6-2-18
Track: SouthSound Speedway
Series: NorthWest Super Late Model Series
Qualified: 3rd out of 21
Started: 6th due to an 8 car invert
Finished: 1st out of 21 cars
NW Series Points Standings: 1st

​My team and I were unsure if we were going to be able to attend this race due to it being in the middle of two previously scheduled race weekends.  As of Monday, we had maintenance to do on the car from our May 26th race and we decided to just make our next race the June 9th race that was already scheduled. However, Thursday came and we had actually gotten a lot of the work done. My team and I concluded that if we wanted to race we would have to miss the Friday practice to finish preparing the car. We decided to go racing and ended up getting two weeks of work done in a handful of days.

Saturday Morning Practice: We made the 5-hour drive to South Sound Speedway, unloaded the car and prepped it to be on track ready. During the first session I was able to tell the crew exactly what I needed from the car and we quickly made changes to adjust to the issue. The more we went out, the more heat cycles that got into the tires and the more laps ran on the tires definitely made the car handle different but we knew that was what was going to happen in the race as well. From there we only made a few minor set-up changes and the car felt great, race ready.

Qualifying: My first lap was a 13.985 and my second lap was a 13.683. This put me in second and as qualifying went on, I got second overall out of 21 cars. However, it turns out that I ran the same exact time, down to three numbers as another competitor, and due to him running the lap first, he captured second and I got put back to third.

Main Event/Rumble in Rochester 125: starting in 6th place, I knew I had a lot of laps to get to the front so I knew I had to be patient and smart. On the initial start, the outside lane did not move and the inside row did. This caused me to fall back to 10th position and a few laps later I get back up to ninth before a caution came out. On this restart, the two lanes did the same thing and it was clear the inside row had an advantage. I picked off 3 more cars and was trying to save my tires while doing so before another caution came out and put me back in 6th for the restart. While getting the green flag I managed to only lose 2 spots putting me 8th. I was patient and easy on the tires and made my way up to 6th spot again, when a spin happened right in-front of me, putting 2 cars to the back and putting me in 4th. On this restart I maintained my position and was able to make my way into 3rd. Another caution came out, I re started 3rd, made quick work and took the lead on lap 54/125. From this point I stretched my lead to a 20 car lead. I started to ease it down to save my tires in case a caution had happened all while maintaining a good-sized lead. I caught the back of the field and started lapping cars when on lap 122 a caution came out. It was going to be a green white checkered finish. The green came out, I got a great restart and had the lead coming out of turn two, one lap to go as I got the white flag and stretched my lead out even more and brought it to the checkered!

It is such a great feeling to get our first win of the season, for Alan Kulwicki, my entire crew/team, my family and for all the young girls out there, who I hope to inspire. Hopefully many more wins are heading our way this season.

Thank you to my sponsors, none of this would be possible without you:
SuperGirl CW11
Kulwicki Driver Development Program
Luke’s Carpet
Brashear Electric
NothTech Equipment Repair
NorthWestern AutoGlass Repair


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