Heart of a Shepherd: The Extraordinary Life Harold E. Salem

Available May 5th on Digital & DVD

In 1921, a boy was born in the Black Hills of South Dakota. His family was poor, and their sheep herding farm life was difficult. But thanks to a quiet, strong, praying mother, Harold Salem learned about the love of God, and prepared him to make the decision to trust and follow Jesus.

There would be tempting opportunities and heartbreaking disappointments that could have destroyed his young faith in the LORD. But God had a plan, and He made a way for Harold to attend a bible college where he learned more about the miraculous power of Jesus. The call of God would eventually take Harold to Aberdeen, South Dakota where his ministry would grow and prosper. In 1979, Harold and his team began the Christian Worship Hour. What started as a small community church service has now grown into a worldwide ministry that reaches 90% of the world’s population.

This is the heartwarming, inspiring story of what God can do when just one person accepts his call. This is The Extraordinary Life of Harold E. Salem.


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