Anyone who’s watched Riverdale knows that the character Sweet Pea ain’t really so sweet. He’s a tough, cream of the crop Southside Serpent who spelled trouble for Archie and the gang from the moment he came on screen. But who’s behind the leather jacket? His name is Jordan Connor – and he’s quite different from his onscreen persona.

1. Some background.

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Jordan Connor hikes around Buntzen Lake in British Columbia, Canada. Instagram: @thejordanconnor

Connor, 26, was born in Calgary on September 17, 1991, but soon moved to Vancouver at the age of 2. He became passionate about theater in high school, where he performed in plays such as Little Shop of Horrors. He went to the University of British Columbia before starting his acting career. Fun fact: he was named after Michael Jordan (which is pretty cool if you ask me).

2. He’s an athlete.


Maybe Archie and Sweet Pea need to settle their differences on the football field.

Like a real life High School Musical, Connor was both an athlete and theater performer. The 6’ 3” actor kept himself busy by juggling lead school theater roles, playing varsity football, wakeboarding and snowboarding (and of course, studying). Connor played for the UBC Thunderbirds as a wide receiver before a severe leg injury led him to end his football career and pursue acting.

3. Riverdale wasn’t his first CW show appearance.


He still has the same Sweet Pea glare in this episode of Supernatural.

Fans of CW’s Supernatural may recognize Connor when he guest starred on season 8. He was 21 at the time. Other appearances include shows such as Lucifer and You Me Her.

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4. Sorry ladies, he’s taken.


Posin’ with his girlfriend, Jinjara Mitchell. Instagram: @thejordanconnor


Connor is dating fellow actress Jinjara Mitchell, who’s even guest starred on CW’s Life Sentence. They’ve been cozying up on Instagram since 2013.

5. He’s a nice guy in real life, but you still shouldn’t pick a fight with him.


Jordan shows off his gloves with trainer Josh Cameron. Instagram: @thejordanconnor


Fans have noted his genuine personality when they’ve met him in public. But just because he’s not a Serpent in real life doesn’t mean he can’t fight. Connor revealed last year he had been learning “how to throw a punch” through boxing. Perhaps that’s what makes his portrayal of Sweet Pea so real.

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Want to see more of Jordan Connor? Check out the second season of Riverdale, now streaming on CWtv!