It’s official. Charmed has already charmed me. I love this show!

The CW reboot of the early 2000’s series is set to premiere this fall. Now I never watched the original Charmed myself, but I still feel somewhat nostalgic about this premiere. As an avid fan of Twitches, Halloweentown and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, I grew up watching plenty of spell-casting and potion-brewing. So believe me, I will gladly welcome a new trio of demon-fighting sisters to the screen.

The new show follows three sisters in a college-town who, after their mother’s mysterious death, discover they have supernatural abilities and must combat the dark evils of the underworld. Madison, the youngest of three, is a college freshman more interested in rushing a sorority than honing her mind-reading powers. Mel, the middle sister, is a passionate activist and lesbian, with the unique knack for freezing time. And Macy, the eldest and half-sister to Mel and Madison, is a genius geneticist determined to find the scientific explanation behind her telekinesis. Neither of her younger sisters knew Macy existed until she showed up on their doorstep with a picture that proved their sisterhood. As the “charmed ones” the three girls must band together to carry on their mother’s legacy and protect the innocent.

Personally, I love this cast and the strong connection these three young women have built. However, there has been quite the backlash from the original cast, especially Holly Marie Combs who played Piper Halliwell in the original Charmed. When CW first announced the reboot, she loudly voiced her opinion on twitter slashing the new show for “capitalizing” on the hard work of the original cast and writers.

Later on she criticized the notion that this reboot has an added feminist twist by writing, “Guess we forgot to do that the first go around. Hmph,” in response to an Entertainment Weekly headline.

She even told Brad Silberling, the director of the reboot, to “suck it.”

Fans of the original series seem to be backing Combs in this feud, many claiming on social media that they will not be watching the new show. The reboot’s similarity to the original, combined with it’s minimal acknowledgement towards the original cast, seem to be what’s got fans all riled up. However, I think I’ve got to stand behind Sarah Jeffrey on this one.

Jeffrey, who portrays the role of Madison, posted her thoughts on Twitter back in May, eloquently stressing that the original series “will always stay very much intact and will always be widely respected.” She also shared her pride and eagerness to, “bring current, timely themes to the forefront” of this series which stars three women of color. Jeffrey also wrote, “I know our show will have a positive effect on so many women, youth, and anyone who is receptive to being on the right side of history.”

After taking a peak at the pilot, I can testify that the themes of female empowerment run deep in this show. Similar to Supergirl, I expect Charmed to draw in a fan base of viewers who love to see some bad-ass women save the day. Tune in October 14th to see what Charmed has in store. It’s going to be wicked!


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