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Brittney Zamora

Race Recap: June 30th 2018

Race: Summer Showdown

Track: Evergreen Speedway 5/8

Finished: 8th/41

Thursday Practice: We started out on old tires to shake own the car and as the track was dirty. After two sessions we put on new tires, as this track is a cheese greater on tires, but got caught up in traffic and our times didn’t represent our potential speed. Due to this, we were low on the charts as this day, but knew with a few adjustments we would be right where I needed to be.

Friday Practice: after our first session, we discovered that the LF shock was sticking and was affecting handling issues along with giving us false numbers on the scales for our cross weight. We had to grab another LF shock from the trailer leading us to miss the next practice and to only get time to scuff our qualifying tires.

Friday Qualifying: First lap I ran a time to get me into the top 15 at the moment but were in great position to get a top 10 out of the 41 car field with our second lap. Unfortunately, coming out of turn 2 on the second lap, my tires did not have the heat they needed and I got loose, giving me a lap time on .05 slower than my first lap, ending up putting me 24th/41 at the end of qualifying.

Friday Heat Race: After not getting the results we wanted in qualifying, my crew and I knew the qualifying/positioning heat was our chance to gain spots to give us a better starting position. While looking to pass two cars in front of me, lap 10 of 25 had different plans. Going down the back stretch, I felt a deep vibration followed by the gas pedal falling to the floor. I quickly put the car in neutral, shut her off and coasted into the pits. We didn’t know what was wrong but we suspected a transmission or a rear end blew on us. While dissecting the car we discovered it was the set of quick change gears that the teeth had disinigrated on us. We put in a different set of gears to adjust to race pace and had to get a new rear cover but by race day morning the car was put back together and we were race ready.

Saturday Practice: practice went well and the wait was on to start the race. However, the rain had prevented us from doing so and the race got post-poned to the next day.

Sunday Race Day – Summer Showdown 200: Starting second to last, 40/41st I really had nowhere to go but up. I knew I had to be patient and be easy on the tires in order to make my way through the field. By lap 10, I had already gained 8 positions, putting my 33rd and the car was feeling great, then on lap 31 I had my way up to 22nd. 5 cautions and 34 laps later I had gotten into 14th spot and was had one of the best cars on the track. The next caution on lap 91/200 put us to the “halfway break” and I was sitting in 8th. We made minor adjustments, put 4 new tires on and wet back out for the remaining 109 laps. At this point, I wanted to save my tires until around lap 150 so the goal was to maintain my position but also adjust my driving to how the track was changing as it was cooling down. Lap 120 came and I had been spun by the car behind me, sending me to the back of the field. I knew I had to do what I did earlier in the race to make my way back up to the front. Unfortunately, the incident caused cosmetic damage including ripping some of my fender off and bending the door back, causing for bad aero on the 5/8 track while going 135 mph. I had to fight these handling issues from this point on, started making my way up and by lap 175 I was up to 11th.  I was picking off cars and by lap 199 was back up to 8th, maintaining this spot for the last two laps of the race, finishing 8th/41.

My team faced a lot of adversity this weekend but we overcame it. Coming from the back twice due to mechanical failures and a racing incident, I got an 8th place finish up against some of the best Super Late Model Drivers in the country. I plan to return next year, to improve in every aspect, as a driver and position wise off of what I learned in my debut this year.

Upcoming races:

Saturday July 14th   Twin 55’s   Super Late Model

Saturday July 21st   Montana 200  Super Late Model

Saturday July 28th   Central Welding Supply 125   Super Late Model

THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me this season from sponsors, the KDDP, race fans, my family, and to everyone who reads these race recaps!

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