Keep up to speed with CW11 Seattle’s own sponsored race car driver, Brittney Zamora! She keeps a play-by-play of her week behind the wheel and is here to share the thrills on the track! For more info on Brittney, check out her bio here!

Brittney Zamora Race Recap
Twin 50’s
Evergreen Speedway
July 17th 2018

Saturday Race Day: Practice went very well this day and we never left the top 5. Car had a great consistent feel and all we had to do was make minor changes. We led first practice, was fourth in second practice and was second in the third and final practice session.

Qualifying: On the first of two laps, we clicked off a good time and was in pursuit of setting pole. However, coming off of turn two I didn’t have enough heat in my tires and got loose, only picking up one tenth and putting me 8th.

Happy minute session: We put on a new set of tires and we had not done so in the morning practice session. The car was on rails and we felt we had the best car out there.

Twin 50 Race #1: We started 8th due to there only being a five car invert. On lap two we were in 7th and worked on figuring out where I was stronger than the car in front of me. On lap 22 I was able to get a great run off of turn 4 and passed for 6th. I remained in this position to end up 6th and we had handling issues that were affecting the entry and middle of the corner, causing me to fight the car to roll through the center of the corner. We suspect the handling change was due to the track cooling off and the setup not working together.

Twin 50 Race #2: Due to the invert, I started 3rd for the second race. I came out of turn 2, got on the inside of the 2nd place car and made the pass for second. I held my position for  about 10 laps when coming out of turn 2 I hit the dip and it got my car loose coming off the corner. Due to this, I got pushed to the outside and 4 cars followed in behind each other and passed, putting me in 5th. I made minor adjustments to my brake bias and my line around the track to adjust my entry and to be able to get a good run off of 4. After a restart and starting 3rd row outside, I got passed by 2 inside cars and it put me in 7th. I was able to work around one car and get back into 6th, but unfortunately after that the checkered came on lap 50 and I ran out of time.

Overall, we learned a lot about twin 50 races, what adjustments work best for us and improved our 50 lap race strategy. Our next race after this is the Montana 200 on July 21st.

Thank you for reading this and I look forward to keeping in touch with you as the season
continues. Thank you for being a part of my 2018 race season and for supporting me along the

-Brittney Zamora


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