Keep up to speed with CW11 Seattle’s own sponsored race car driver, Brittney Zamora! She keeps a play-by-play of her week behind the wheel and is here to share the thrills on the track! For more info on Brittney, check out her bio here!

Brittney Zamora Race Recap
Montana 200
July 21st

Thursday Practice: Being my first time at this track, I knew I had a lot to learn and I needed to do it fast, but I was so excited as ¼ are my favorite. We started off really well and was only .3 off the fastest guys at the beginning of the day. I figured out the perfect lie, figured out my driving style and gained time even as the tires were getting older. We made a couple set up changes but nothing too big. We didn’t run a transponder but comparing our times to those who did, we were a top 5 car out of 29.

Friday practice: Again, practice went very well and we were hanging with the fast guys. We put on a new set of tires and adjusted to how the car was handling. We gained even more time and felt really good going into qualifying.

Qualifying: Knowing that the top 12 are locked into the race and would not have to run the Bmain or the LCQ, we knew that these laps were crucial to get a fast time with. I fought a loose car in qualifying and this did not help me achieve as good of a time I had hoped. I sat 9th and eventually got knocked down to 11th. This was not the results we had wanted, but being our first time at this track, we were happy to get locked into the race.

Positioning heat #1: Starting outside pole due to a full 12 car invert, I knew I had to finish well if I wanted to gain spots on my starting position. I was getting a good feel for the car as well as trying to be easy on the tires as these were also our first 100 lap race tires.

Positioning heat #2: We started straight up from our qualifying times, putting me to start 11th. From here my team and I decided to get a feel for the car then to be easy on the tires and not run the car too hard. I maintained 11th to finish there.

Montana 200: The points added up and I started 11th. Within the first 25 laps, I got stuck behind two separate cars and two different incidents of cars blowing up right in front of me and myself having nowhere to go. I lost all the positions I had gained due to these and again started 11th on the following restart. On lap 167 I had made my way up to 9th when a wreck occurred in front of me, I took the high side to avoid it and other cars went high and low, unfortunately, the scoring tower placed me in 12th because that’s the order I came out of the wreck in, instead of following their rule of the last completed green flag lap. This wreck did cause some body damage to my car as the outside lane stacked up when avoiding the wreck. The LF fender broke off, and the toe got knocked out an inch and 1/8, causing me to fight aero along with a pushing car. We picked off a few spots and finished the first 100 laps in 7th.
The second 100 laps, the second half of the race, went green straight through. I then fell back to 8th and had a great battle between a few cars in front of and behind me. I ended up finishing 7th and learned an immense amount of knowledge that will be extremely useful when we return to this race next year.

Next race: July 28th
Evergreen Speedway 3/8
Central Welding Supply 125

Thank you for reading along, I hope you enjoy my updates.
-Brittney Zamora


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