Make way for new rising star Haley Constance, a 13-year-old driver at Evergreen Speedway! She is hoping to launch her racing career with the help of sponsor and others. Daughter of Nascar driver Joe Constance, Haley has been racing since the young age of 3 and inspired by her dad, she did not stop there. According to HeraldNet, Haley states, “I think my dad is the whole reason I even race. Once I see him out there racing I want to do it even more. I just love that we get to do it together.” Next year she’ll race in a newly created Junior Late Models division. For the remainder of 2019’s season, however, you can see her speed in the Junior Spring class races. Head on over to Evergreen Speedway this season to see Haley’s dream become realized! And catch last year’s CW11 Seattle sponsored race car speedster, Brittney Zamora, as she returns to the track for the Galloway 150 races on May 24th through 25th! She’ll be behind the wheel of a Supergirl car and sign hero cars at the race!

And for more on HeraldNet’s exclusive interview with Haley Constance, check out this article!


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