KRISTIN KREUK RETURNS AS FORMIDABLE ATTORNEY JOANNA CHANG IN THE SEASON PREMIERE OF “BURDEN OF TRUTH” – Joanna (Kristin Kreuk) is working at a new law firm a year after her successful lawsuit against the steel mill in Millwood.  Looking to start over, Joanna took up her mother’s surname and settled in a new city hoping for a quieter life.  However, when her boss assigns her to a case for a brilliant, young, internet hacktivist, Joanna is dragged into a dark world of secrets that will turn her life upside down.  Meanwhile, with the steel mill closed, the residents of Millwood are struggling to make ends meet and Billy (Peter Mooney) is doing all he can to stop the town’s downward spiral.  Luna (Star Slade) and Molly (Sarah Thompson) adjust to living together.  The episode was directed by Grant Harvey and written by Brad Simpson (#201). The CW original airdate: Sunday, June 2nd, 2019


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