Written by Liv Coron

Without Batman, Gotham City is doomed…right? Wrong! Because this fall Kate Kane will don the mask and cape as a new vigilante, gracing both your screens and the crime ridden streets of Gotham City as Batwoman.

That’s right. Another hero is joining the Arrowverse and we here at CW11 could not be more excited. Here’s why you should be too:

  1. Kate Kane will be played by none other than the breathtaking Ruby Rose.

    Batwoman — “Pilot” — Image Number: BWN101f_0095.jpg — Pictured: Ruby Rose as Kate Kane — Photo: Elizabeth Morris/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years you’ve heard of Ruby Rose.  You may have seen her in Netflix’s Orange is the New Black as suave, not to be messed with, inmate Stella Carlin. Didn’t watch OITNB? No worries, you probably caught her in either John Wick: Chapter 2, Pitch Perfect 3, or in one of her many campaigns as the face of Urban Decay Makeup, Nike, or Swarovski.

However, Ruby Rose is more than just an actress and a model. The Australian born talent is also a prominent activist in the LGBTQ+ community, identifying as gender neutral herself.

  1. Her role will be historic

Batwoman will be the first television series to feature an openly lesbian superhero in a live action series. This is a huge step forward in terms of representation for the LGTQ+ community. Showrunner Caroline Dries speaks to this representation by saying that “if I’d had this show as a 15 year-old, my life would have been so different”[1].

  1. Another female Superhero!

Batwoman will be joining the growing ranks of female superheroes, standing alongside our very own Supergirl, and White Canary (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow), as well as film stars such as Wonder Woman and Marvel’s Captain Marvel as positive role models for young girls everywhere.

  1. We will be seeing some familiar faces

Like Rose, who was first introduced as Batwoman in the 2018 Elseworlds crossover event, the cast houses more than a few CW alums.

If you’ve watched the Batwoman trailer (if you haven’t click here), you know that security agent Sophie Moore (played by Meagan Tandy) is set to be Kane’s love interest in the show. Interesting enough, if you tune into Charmed on Sunday nights (which you should), you’ve seen Tandy’s work before as she played sport journalist Summer, in season 1.

Rachel Skarsten, who played Queen Elizabeth the 1st in the final seasons of Reign, will also be returning to channel 11 as delirious super villain Red Alice.

  1. Kate will be wearing her cousin Bruce’s suit (with some slight changes)

As per the trailer, we know that Kane demands to wear Bruce’s original Batman suit, yet in the end has it modified to fit her needs, and define her as a female superhero.

Tune in to CW11 this fall to join Batwoman as she fights to protect the people of Gotham City!


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