My boyfriend is seeing someone else and I might be okay with it?

Okay so by ‘boyfriend’ I mean TV star who has absolutely zero idea who I am, and by ‘seeing someone else’ I mean looking beautiful in his new movie alongside his equally beautiful co-star. But that’s basically the same thing…right?

The Sun Is Also a Star is a new romance film starring Yara Shahidi of Grownish and Charles Melton of our very own Riverdale. Based on the young adult novel by the same name, The Sun Is Also a Star follows the journey of a young couple in New York City as they fall in love in a single day.

Now, I love a good romance as much as the next girl/guy (maybe even more) but that’s not why I went to go see this film. I went, because after watching Charles Melton in Riverdale I fell sufficiently in love with him, and vowed myself to see anything and everything he’s in.

So, keep that in mind when I say that I actually enjoyed this film. While its certified rotten standing on Rotten Tomatoes may say otherwise, this is not the kind of film you watch with a critical eye. This movie is highly comparable to a Calvin Klein ad; you don’t really care what it’s about because the people in it are just SO beautiful.

Let me tell you, this film is absolutely stunning visually, and so are the actors in it. I mean look at them:

But really, the cinematography is quite good, utilizing off-kilter shots of the New York skyline to give a unique twist on what otherwise would be somewhat boring exposition.

Still, the story is lacking, as Melton and Shahidi basically just walk around the city and philosophize about love and the world, speaking much too eloquently and cryptically for two high school seniors. That’s not to say the book isn’t good (I have yet to read it), but it feels as if they pulled the most “poetic” sentences and made those the entire base of the script, ignoring things like, say, plot.

I’m sorry Charles, but I’m going to have to give this movie a thumbs down (or at least a sideways with a slight tilt). Don’t worry though, we’ll get through this. Even the best relationships have bumps in the road.

Overall, while I wouldn’t encourage someone to go out and spend money on The Sun Is Also a Star, it was entertaining and visually appealing enough to keep me watching, which does count for something. That being said, I still prefer to watch Charles Melton on Riverdale, which you can catch right here on CW11 starting Wednesday nights this Fall.


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