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While they may not be high schoolers in real life, the cast of Riverdale still gets summer vacation. That’s right! Between seasons they have some much needed time to sit back and relax. So, you might be wondering… what does the cast do when they’re not acting? We’ve been wondering the same thing. Here’s our best guess at what your favorite stars might be up to.

Cole Sprouse Jughead 

cole sprouse

Though he has been acting his whole life, Cole Sprouse is actually a man of many talents. In fact, he wasn’t even planning on returning to the screen until he read the script for Riverdale. When he’s not playing Jughead, Cole can be found expressing another one of his artistic hobbies: photography! Cole took his hobby professional, and now works for major publications, photographing stars like Sam Smith and Kendall Jenner.

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Lili Reinhart – Betty

lili reinhart

Due to her highly private life, it’s pretty tough to speculate as to what the actress might be up to these days. But we tried anyway. Judging from her Instagram, Lili is either hanging out with her Riverdale costars (including boyfriend Cole Sprouse of course), or trying out a super cool new makeup look. Lili’s costume makeup skills are nothing less than professional, and rumor has it she even did all her own makeup for Riverdale’s most recent season!

lili collage


Madelaine Petsch – Cheryl

madelaine petsch

Unlike her co-star Lili, Madelaine lets us all know just what she is up to by vlogging it on her YouTube channel! And we are SO thankful, because she has truly been living the high life. Since the wrap of season 3, Madelaine has spent time with her boyfriend Travis Mills, went on a Louis Vuitton cruise, and met up with her costars in Paris, France for a convention called River Con. While she may not be relaxing, she sure is making the most of her break!

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KJ Apa – Archie

kj apa

When he’s not acting, kiwi heartthrob KJ Apa can be found practicing his one true passion: music. KJ has released numerous original songs including one single with his Dad (Pillowcase in the Sky) and an entire album when he was only 14 years old! Now, he is making music with his band The Good Time Boys. They recently played Teen Vogue’s Young Hollywood party and were accompanied on stage by fellow Riverdale actor Hart Denton.

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