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That’s right. The world’s favorite girl detective is making her return – this time to TV – to solve yet another mystery.

This fall, the CW will revive Nancy’s character as a recent high school graduate, ready to move out of River Heights and on with her life, until a supernatural mystery draws her back in.

In true Nancy Drew fashion, we have been putting together some clues of our own, sleuthing to find you the juiciest updates on the new show.

Here is everything we know so far:

     1. Nancy’s murder investigation will involve supernatural elements

After looking for clues in the show’s trailer, we can deduce that the murder Nancy will investigate, will in fact involve a ghost. More specifically, the ghost of the infamous Lucy Sable, better known as “Dead Lucy”, a girl rumored to haunt the town of River Heights.

     2. Kennedy McMann, who plays Nancy, is virtually a first time actress

kennedy McMann

23-year-old Kennedy McMann is set to play Nancy Drew in the upcoming series. Ever heard of her? Chances are slim, as the Carnegie Mellon graduate has only appeared on screen twice before. Once in an episode of Gone in 2017, followed by a single episode of Law & Order: SVU in 2018. Many consider this to be the actress’s potential breakout role, one with the possibility to launch her to stardom.

     3. Pamela Sue Martin will appear in the show

pamela sue martin

Despite a brand new lead, classic Nancy Drew fans need not worry as Pamela Sue Martin will make an appearance as psychic Harriet Grosset in the new series. Martin played Nancy in The Hardy Boys/ Nancy Drew Mysteries, the original TV adaptation of the popular book series. Pamela’s character name Harriet Grosset is also an homage to the past, Harriet referring to Harriet Adams who outlined many of the original book’s plots, and Grosset referring to Grosset & Dunlap, the first publisher of the books.

     4. The creator is a CW alum

Though the series may be featuring an unknown cast, the folks behind the camera are far from it. The creator of the series Josh Schwartz can be truly classified as a CW legend, creating everyone’s favorite teen dramas Gossip Girl and The Carrie Diaries. Let’s hope time hasn’t caused Schwartz to lose his knack for writing teenagers (and something tells us it hasn’t) because if Nancy Drew is anything like his previous shows, we won’t be able to stop watching.

     5. The cast mates already appear to be great friends

Though the show was only picked up to series recently, the cast mates already appear to be best friends, a conclusion we drew after gathering evidence from McMann’s Instagram.

So far, that is all our investigation has dug up. But as always, we will continue to look for clues, keeping you up to date on the latest CW news.

Nancy Drew premieres Wednesday nights this fall, right here on CW11.


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