Written by Liv Coron

Sometimes you just feel like curling up and watching a movie (or a bunch of movies), and that’s alright! Summer is for relaxation whether that’s on the beach or in the comfort of your living room. If you are spending the day on the couch, we’ve got you covered. Here are our best film recommendations for every summer sentiment.

If you’re longing for a summer romance…

summer romance

Call Me by Your Name

    • Behold both the beauty of love, and a summer in the Italian countryside. The best of summer romances.

500 Days of Summer

    • Okay so technically this one spans more than just a summer, and is in fact about a girl named Summer. But we love it anyway, impromptu flash mob anyone?

The Last Song

    • Nothing will make you believe in love like watching Miley and Liam meet for the first time. 10 years later they’re still going strong!

If you want to sing and dance…

Sing and Dance

Dirty Dancing

    • Another sleepy summer turns exciting with the help of Patrick Swayze as sultry dance instructor Johnny Castle. You’ll have the time of your life.

Mamma Mia

    • No need to take a vacation, Mamma Mia makes you feel like you’re already on one. Get up and move like the dancing queen you are.


    • Sweet summer love and the inevitable return of the first day of school. Maybe it won’t be so bad?

To make you feel like a kid again…

Feel Like a kid

The Sandlot

    • A classic, this film combines the three must have summer ingredients. Baseball, fourth of July, and time spent with friends.

Stand by Me

    • A more serious tone for a summer flick, this film incorporates mature themes. Actor Wil Wheaton calls it a “love letter to childhood innocence”.

The Goonies

    • A film about friendship, banding together, and going on the best summer adventure of all time!

Moonrise Kingdom

    • This colorful, quirky, film about first love is the perfect thing to brighten up a summer night.

For when school just gets out…

School's Out

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

    • School isn’t out yet. But for Ferris it is!

Dazed and Confused

    • We all feel a little Dazed and Confused sometimes. Watch this film to make sure your summer is alright alright alright.

High School Musical 2

    • This one even has a musical number to count down the seconds until summer. Talk about anticipation.

Use this on the next rainy summer day. Or, check out our article on outdoor movies in Seattle this summer to find one of the above playing near you!



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