With the second half of the season underway, the Sounders keep pushing and fighting their way to clinch their eleventh (11th) straight MLS playoff spot, which would break the previous record they set last year.

As of right now, Seattle is right in second (2nd) place right behind LAFC and are soaring through the ranks, but it has not been easy, and it won’t be for a little while.

The Sounders have two tough matches coming up, against international force Borussia Dortmund and the Columbia River rival, Portland Timbers, in back-to-back home games.

Even though the contest against Dortmund is an international friendly, it does affect the standings and the Sounders should NOT take them lightly at all! Dortmund has a record of 4-1-1 and is in first place in Group A of the UEFA Champions League right now.

The Timbers, who we know very well, are struggling this year sitting in tenth (10th) place in the Western Conference and could upset Seattle on our home turf. Like last year in the playoffs.

With teams right on their tail as well, every game is crucial, so they cannot afford any losses or being outscored in contests, especially since they only have 15 games remaining.

After every Sounders game you go to or watch, don’t forget to tune in to your favorite CW11 show right after!



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