A List of Podcast Reccomendations Written by Liv Coron

I’m sure by this point everyone from your mom to your mailman has told you about their new favorite podcast. In fact, there’s so much out there that even knowing where to begin in the world of podcast listening can seem pretty daunting. We are here to make the jump into this exciting new entertainment medium a little bit easier. Here are some podcasts that I can personally say I love, and some others that just sounded too interesting not to include.

If you want to be inspired …

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Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

The name “Oprah” alone should be enough to sell you. She is the queen of interviews (and basically everything else). I mean this podcast couldn’t be bad if she tried. Basically, this one consists of Oprah interviewing some of the most interesting and influential people walking the earth today, ranging from late night show host Jimmy Kimmel, to Anthony Ray Hinton, a man whose wrongful murder conviction resulted in 30 years on death row.

If you want to hear Dax Shepard talk to his friends for an hour and a half …

Armchair Expert

Though he’s now a seasoned pro, Dax Shepard still feels new to the podcast game, meaning it’s informal, relaxed. If you want to feel included in conversations with your favorite celebrities this one is for you. Less of an interview and more of a conversation, Dax squeezes the juiciest, realest, most hilarious info out of everyone from pal Ashton Kutcher to Bill Nye the Science guy.

If you want someone to read you a story …

Modern Love

Stories and Essays from the New York Times Modern Love column read by your favorite celebrity voices.

The Writer’s Voice

Similarly, Writer’s Choice features New Yorker fiction writers reading their stories. It is usually followed by an interview with the writer!

If you love movies …

Maltin on Movies

A podcast hosted by revered film critic Leonard Maltin and his equally loveable daughter Jessie Maltin, featuring some of Hollywood’s most influential. This one is great because it’s more than just an interview about an actor’s upcoming movie or a director’s process. It’s about people, their lives, their career paths, how they perfect their craft and so on. Personal favorite episodes of mine include interviews with Armie Hammer and Laura Dern.

The Director’s Cut – A DGA Podcast 

Conversely, The Director’s Cut is wonderful because they only  focus on one movie! Listen to your favorite directors talk about their recent films with their peers. My favorite episode is about the 2018 film Baby Driver  in which Christopher Nolan interviews director Edgar Wright.

If you love the CW …

Who are we kidding, of course you love the CW.

Supergirl Radio

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If one episode of Supergirl a week isn’t enough for you, this is your kind of podcast. Hear play by play analysis of the latest Supergirl episodes, from super fans themselves.

The Flash Podcast

Flash experts recap each episode, cover the latest Flash news, and include listener thoughts and feedback in each episode. Perfect for every Flash fan out there.

Note: Neither Supergirl Radio nor The Flash Podcast are sponsored by or affiliated with the CW in any way.

If you want to get smarter …

Ny Times Daily

A daily briefing of world news, ready by 6am every day. Episodes usually last 20-30 minutes. Perfect for your morning commute!

Ted Talks Daily

I don’t know about you, but nothing makes me feel smarter than listening to a Ted Talk. If you’re new to the podcast game this one is perfect, as episdoes can be as short as 6 minutes. Listen to Monica Lewinsky talk about the price of shame, or biology student Morgan Vague discuss her discovery of plastic eating bacteria.

If you want to laugh …


Youtubers David Dobrik and Jason Nash breakdown their crazy lifestyles and endless antics in this weekly podcast. It won’t work your brain too hard so I like to listen to the this one when I just need to relax. This is another good podcast to start on as episodes can be played randomly, so just jump right in!

Podcasts I haven’t  listened to but really want to …

Since I haven’t listened to these podcasts I can’t vouch for their quality but much of the internet can and does. I know you shouldn’t believe everything you read online but in this case I feel an exception can be made. These podcasts just sound SO interesting you know I will be listening to them ASAP.

36 questions

36 questions is a musical podcast. That’s right a MUSICAL (like full on musical theater) in podcast form. Need I say more? I think not, but I will anyway. Called the future of theater by the New York Times, this three part musical podcast is about a young couple who attempts to save their marriage using the 36 questions designed to make strangers fall in love (twoupproductions).

UPDATE 7/19/19: I listened to 36 Questions yesterday and it just might be the BEST thing on this whole list. If you’re going to start anywhere start here. Absolutely amazing.

Julie: The Unwinding of the Miracle

Described as sadly beautiful, this story chronicles Julie Yip-Williams’ process of preparing for death as she watches Stage IV colon cancer take over her body.

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Whether you’re new to podcasts or you’re a podcast pro looking to get into a new show, I hope this helped you! Comment your favorite podcast below, and as always tune in to CW11 for all your favorite shows.