Written by Liv Coron

Hey upper east siders, at this point we expect everyone who’s anyone to have heard about the new Gossip Girl reboot. If you haven’t, buckle up, because we’re about to dish up everything we know.

HBO Max (a new streaming service owned by WarnerMedia) has ordered 10 hour long episodes of a GG reboot. That’s right, 10 whole wonderful hours. However, if you thought that you would be seeing some familiar faces you’re mistaken. The new series is set to take place in the present day upper east side private school scene, 8 years post Serena and Blair. This leads us to infer that it will also feature a whole new cast! Although to be honest, we’re not sure how we feel about that yet.

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The new series is created Joshua Safran, who wrote for the original series, and is executive produced by Josh Schwartz, the original creator. So, hopefully these two know what large expectations they have to live up to. Fingers crossed the new show features some cameos from our favorite original cast members!

It’s not known yet when the new show will air, but it’s been speculated that we can expect to see the drama return sometime in 2020 when HBO Max is released.

We know, we know. 2020 does seem far away, but in the meantime we have lots to keep you occupied! Log on to Netflix to watch the original CW version of the show, or tune in to CW11 to find a new show to obsess over!

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