Unless you’re doing one of those – sometimes much needed – social media cleanses, you’ve seen the new trend that is taking the world by storm. Not the dog filter or bottle cap challenge but… old people faces?

The app, FaceApp, allows users to see what they may look like 30, 40, 50 years into the future. Here is what the Jonas Brothers may look like if they actually made it to the year 3000.

jo bros aging

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I’ll be the first to admit, this trend is a strange one, but at the same time tons of fun. It’s nice to see people poke some fun at themselves on social media, not worried about physical presentation for once.

Yet, as fun as this app seems, it actually has proven to be a dangerous privacy breach. The creators behind the app, are a group of developers called Wireless Lab, based out of Russia. Their terms and conditions – which many of us tend to skip over – state that the app and it’s developers have a right to “use, adapt, publish, and distribute” user content. This means that they can use and modify user photos for unknown purposes. Despite the backlash, many fans of the app are continuing to use it, not caring about the potential threat to personal security.

While there is no proof of malicious intent, it’s always safe to know where and how your image is being used!

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Still, some of our favorite CW stars have even used the app, taking to social media to share their results.

riverdale old

So tell us, would you still use FaceApp? Leave a comment below, and as always, tune into CW11 for more of your favorite shows!

Click and drag through the slideshow below for more awesome celebrity FaceApps:

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