WARNING!!! Spoilers Ahead!!!

After 5 seasons and 100 episodes, Jane the Virgin finally came to an end last night and, boy, has it been a wild ride. Not only did creator Jennie Snyder Urman give us the happy ending we all deserve (sorry Michael lovers, #Jafael has always been endgame) but she created characters that will live in our hearts forever.

Here are some of our favorite fan reactions after last night’s finale.

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And finally, an emotional table read from CBS themselves. Warning, if you don’t want to sob your eyes out in front of your coworkers, save this video to watch in private.

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And with that, the story comes to an end. Cheers to 100 hours of twists, turns, and most of all, family.

But… if you’re not ready to part with Jane The Virgin just yet (and let’s be real here, who is?!?) you can watch full episodes of the show on our app, on www.cwtv.com, or on Netflix!

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Then, once you’re ready to find a new show to fill that gaping hole in your heart, just flip to CW11! I guarantee we’ll have something you’ll love.