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@disneyland yesterday ⛄️

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It’s been fun Jason.

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I was having a chat with my castmates yesterday about this platform, and how it is such a dangerous place to be. I know we’ve all heard that before, that Instagram is a lie, but genuinely I can tell you, it does not paint a full picture. It’s very curated and deceiving. And as a person on here with somewhat of a following, I’m beginning to feel irresponsible for not showing that whole picture. If I want to use this app, I feel the responsibility to share the duality of life, which is there truly are highs and lows. So, I might get some eye rolls but the truth is I have been struggling heavily with my mental health, specifically OCD, the past little bit. I say this not for attention or anything in that vein, I just really feel like it’s damaging to not see anything relatable or real coming through your feed. Some days are a real challenge, sometimes it feels like I’m army crawling my way through a day in thick ass mud. That’s just the way it is 🤷‍♀️. Some days are really great and my OCD isn’t as loud. It’s a coin toss. So fear not! You are not alone. Sending my love to anyone and everyone who needs it.

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Just a face fulla hair 💁🏻‍♀️

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Santa, baby, make me That Bitch in 2020

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art created by @aracoutts 💫

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Maybe they do have more fun. Idk.

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