Arlington, WA – Today the Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians donated $180,000 to the Oso Fire Department, and another $300,000 to the North County Fire Department. With an annual budget of approximately $10,000, the donation to Oso is one that will provide critical support to the first responders and citizens. The donation to North County will also provide needed funds to support residents and the approximately 4,200 calls the Fire & EMS team receive annually.

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“As many know, Oso has been hit hard by past natural disasters, and COVID-19 is one more hurdle for the small community to overcome,” Chairman of the Stillaguamish Tribe, Shawn Yanity said. “This team and those at North County do amazing work, and we want to support them.”

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This donation is the latest effort by the Tribe to further care for the well-being of their local community and to help make a positive impact, during a period of continued uncertainty.

The community has supported the Tribe and helped them grow, and the Stillaguamish Tribe is committed to assisting our local non-profits during this pandemic.

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The Stillaguamish Tribe’s casino enterprise, Angel Of The Winds Casino Resort, re-opened to the public on Wednesday, May 13th as revenue from casino operations is utilized to fund the charitable donations the tribe is so passionate about.