Do you want a really cool looking Stargirl cosplay mask for Dragon Con?  Here’s how you can make it.

Download the mask pattern and instructions to build the mask.

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  1. Prime the mask using PlaidFX Clear Primer
  2. Paint initial areas of the mask using Smooth Satin: Commander Navy
  3. Paint the rest of the mask using Smooth Satin: Beta Blue
  4. Paint mask details with Armour Metallic: Saber Blue
  5. Paint the stars using one part Armour Metallic: New Liberty and one part Armour Metallic: Saber Blue
  6. Do a wash of color using Smooth Satin: Commander Navy
  7. Gently remove the wash using a soft cloth

The video will demo it for you as well.  For more awesome cosplay ideas and patterns, check out Plaid’s website,

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