ALL NEW CHARM – DOGS OF THE YEAR returns with an all new cast of characters to charm their way into our hearts.  Hosts Kevin Frazier and Nischelle Turner count down the Top 10 dog stories of 2020, celebrating the dogs that go above and beyond, that leave their mark on society, and achieve the nearly impossible.  Some of the exceptional dogs to be featured in the special include Narwhal, the unicorn puppy who makes therapy magical; Triado, a decorated dog who protects airports and events; Hansel, the first Pitbull to become a firefighting K9; Ariel, a service dog who can detect oncoming seizures; and Plum, a dog with disabilities who is a social media superstar and many more! Executive producers are Robert Horowitz, Josh Greenburg and Lewis Fenton. Produced by JUMA Entertainment. Original airdate 12/17/2020.