Fashion trends come and go with the seasons, and sometimes you may see some fashion trends that are recurring or even brought back into style years after their initial debut. In the fall of 2015, it looks as though there are going to be plenty of stylish variations to choose from to keep up with the trending fashion times. Here is Seattle fashion expert Tannya Bernadette’s forecast for the 2015 fall fashion trends.
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Seattle fashionista Tannya Bernadette is not only an expert wardrobe stylist and personal shopper, but she is also a small business entrepreneur who runs a consignment boutique in one of Seattle’s favorite neighborhoods. Tannya continuously works with new and current clients to help them achieve the perfect fashion looks for every season. She has thoughtfully shared her favorite must-try trends for the 2015 fall fashion season.

The Exposed Shoulder

The fall 2015 exposed shoulder style top shouldn’t be confused with the bohemian-style off-the-shoulder tops of the 1970s. This newer style of exposed shoulder top is more futuristic, and borders on being edgy, with its deep cutouts and looser fit. It is a new and sexy look that makes you feel comfortable and spirited, but not too exposed.

The Slip Dress

As one of the most versatile trends of the 2015 fall fashion season, the slip dress is a simple wardrobe piece that you can wear in a variety of ways. Wear it as a dress, or wear it over a chic pair of pants. You can also layer it with a comfortable, chunky sweater for an appealing everyday look. Look for slip dresses that feature lace appliqués, patchwork, and that are soft and silky to the touch, for added comfort and style.

Matching Pant Suits

This fall, it’s time to put your leggings away and instead try a classic suit combo on for size. Matching pantsuits will be available in a variety of colors and fabrics and can be worn for both business and casual. The versatile pantsuit suits a variety of fall trends — for a casual day, wear it with a pair of sporty-looking sneakers, and for a nighttime look for out on the town, you can pair it with a sexy blouse.

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The 80s Comeback

Some 1980s fashion trends are making a comeback this fall, especially with the use of fun geometric prints, a mash-up of bolder colors, and you’ll even see sequins coming back in the form of party dresses. While some of the original 1980s articles of clothing fit looser and baggier, this time around, they will be slimmer fitting. Combine these newer, trendier 1980s-style clothes with metallic heels, tall black boots and layers of gold jewelry.

The Romantic Era

For women who aren’t shy about showing their ultra-feminine side, you’re in luck, because another of the 2015 fall fashion trends involves the use ruffles, lace, sheer fabrics and velvety floral prints. This Romantic Era style of dress can be pulled off by wearing a favorite feminine piece, such as a ruffled blouse or layered lace skirt, with another basic piece of clothing from your wardrobe.

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