A mere five years ago, you had to go out of your way to find a food truck in Seattle. These days, it seems like a new truck pops up on the street every week. This year alone over 70 new trucks have pulled out of the garage and onto the streets to keep Seattleites sated. Big name bricks and mortar chefs have joined the street food game and more and more sweet and savory bites are rolling into SODO, South Lake Union and greater Seattle. There is no better time to take your appetite to the streets and these five trucks reign supreme in their ability to delight your taste buds.

Marination Mobile (Credit, Jenise Silva)

Marination Mobile

Marination was early to the food truck scene, rolling onto the streets in early summer of 2009. Roz and Kamala set themselves apart from the beginning by offering up first-rate fusion fare from their truck affectionately dubbed Big Blue. If Hawaiian or Korean food is your thing, you are certain to love their dishes. From the kimchi rice bowl to the SPAM musubi, everything is prepared to perfection and served with a big dose of Aloha spirit. And if making a decision on what to order is too difficult, maybe just make the choice thousands who have gone before you made and order the tacos. Mahalo!

Where Ya At Matt

Always wanted to go to New Orleans but never made the trip? Visited New Orleans but yearn for the flavors you savored on vacation? Either way, Matt Lewis has got you covered. A native of New Orleans, Matt grew up fishing with his grandpa and making meals with his mom and grandmother when he was so young that he had to stand on a stool to reach the counter. From those roots, Matt has grown a beloved food truck business that is known for Creole cuisine including po boys, jambalaya, gumbo, shrimp and grits and, of course, sweet treats like beignets and sweet potato pie.

Fez on Wheels (Credit, Jenise Silva)

Fez on Wheels

The tagline “A curbside feast from the near east” perfectly sums up what proprietor Chris Andersen has in store for Fez patrons. Fez on Wheels serves up its made-from-scratch dishes, beverages and condiments from Bellevue to Ballard. Not sure what to expect? Expect restaurant-quality dishes like chicken tagine, lamb tabreezy and ful muddamas paired with basmati rice and grilled flatbread all complemented by the lovely shepherds salad. And the main dishes aren’t the only reason to visit the Fez. Don’t miss its house-made ginger chili or saffron rose soda.

El Camión

Taco trucks have dotted Seattle’s cityscape for years, but only a handful stand above the rest. El Camión is decidedly among the best. If you are in the mood for food from south of the border, you can’t go wrong at any of its three convenient locations. Start with delightful house-made horchata and then good luck selecting just one dish from the fairly extensive menu. Need to grab something to eat on the run? Go for the carne asada burrito. Is seafood your thing? Grab a plate of the fresh grilled white fish tacos topped with green salsa and cabbage. Are neither of these dishes to your liking? You’ll still have plenty to choose from including the delectable carnitas, chicken mole tamales and chorizo torta. Be sure to complement whatever dish you choose with El Camión’s wonderful selection of salsas and pickled vegetables served up free of charge.

Big Boys Filipino (Credit, Jenise Silva)

Big Boys Filipino

Most dishes served from the Big Boys Filipino food truck ring in at under 10 bucks and portions are quite generous. You have to love a food truck that offers an ‘add an egg’ or side of gravy option for just a buck. Once you decide on breakfast or lunch, you’ll have plenty to choose from including burritos, sandwiches, rice platters and even the unexpected jalapeno popper. Pineapple ketchup anyone?

Jenise Silva is a freelance writer in Seattle who has studied culinary, visual and performing arts. She penned the financial planning guide Women & Money, and has been writing about food and the arts for a number of years. Her work can be found at Examiner.com.