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Whether you are new to brow shaping or you’ve been doing it so long that you catnap during your sessions, it might be time to give threading a try. Since threading is not as common in Seattle as, say, Istanbul, there are threading experts to be found here in our own beauty mecca. Threading was once done primarily before special occasions, but we are fortunate we can schedule our own de-fuzzing appointments most any time.

Shanti Threading Salon
1305 N.E. 45th St., Suite 209
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 295-5548

Located in the heart of the University District near UW and adjacent to Neptune Theatre, this well-lit, simple little gem consistently gets positive ratings. Threading is the main attraction, but facials, henna temporary tattoos and waxing are also available. Prices are already reasonable, but prepaid membership cards reduce cost even further, making Shanti an attractive and viable option for college students and starving artists alike. Since threading is said to be gentler on the skin, creating little to no redness or swelling, you can have your service done and enjoy time in the U District afterward without feeling conspicuous.

Blend Herbal Spa
817 N.W. 85th St.
Seattle, WA 98117
(206) 297-6000

Autumn at Blend Herbal Spa is in such high demand that some clients schedule a year at a time with her to make sure they get their girl. Known as The Brow Queen to some, Autumn does waxing, but offers threading to those who cannot receive waxing. Blend Herbal Spa does business out of a darling Ballard cottage. You will be greeted by a friendly garden where Blend grows its own organic flowers and herbs for use in skincare, and you will leave with a customized brow shape.

Studio 4 Brow
3310 18th St. S.W., Suite 100
Lynnwood, WA 98037
(425) 640-6894

Inside of H Mart in Lynnwood is a clean, modern, attractive space where eyebrows are a specialty. Studio 4 Brow also offers henna temporary tattooing, facials and brow tinting. Both threading and waxing are offered. Prepaid packages are available here to reduce cost for loyal customers. The owner has been doing threading, waxing and facials for over five years. Her philosophy is that a well-shaped brow is the most important way to affect your overall look.

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Threading Browz
2331 140th Ave. N.E., Suite D
Bellevue, WA 98005
(206) 354-2907

Threading Browz is owned by Anjali and operated within Signature Hair Design in Bellevue. Anjali is from India where she was skilled in the ancient hair-removal art of threading. Her menu of services includes threading, facials, waxing, henna and lash and brow tinting. Threading Browz Facebook fans are made privy to special offers, while perusers of the website can view a threading video, as well as find answers to frequently asked questions about this service.

16492 N.E. 74th St., Suite B235
Redmond, WA 98052
(425) 558-9899

In the center circle of Redmond Town Center on the second floor is where you will find this sharp-looking brow boutique. BrowTastic is all about eyebrows and all about threading, although full face threading is available. A membership card called BrowBucks may be purchased. This card offers savings with a twist. BrowBucks do not expire and you can share your benefits with whomever you please. Look for future BrowTastic studios to pop up in Bellevue and Seattle.

Northwest Hair Restoration
1201 Pacific Ave., Suite 1910
Tacoma, WA 98402
(253) 572-2949

Do you find yourself at the opposite end of the spectrum with a concern of having too few brows? The Pacific Northwest is fortunate to have a world-renowned and well-respected hair restoration specialist right in our own backyard. Northwest Hair Restoration’s Dr. Robert Niedbalski is on the cutting edge of hair restoration. In an upscale, uptown medical suite overlooking Thea Foss Waterway and (sometimes) Mt. Rainier, Dr. Niedbalski is seeing more patients for eyebrow restoration than ever before. Surgical results are pleasing, and non-surgical results with ACell+PRP injection therapy are promising as well.

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