By Jeffrey Totey

Whether you have been a runner for many years or are just starting out, you already know that the key to making each run enjoyable and injury free is find the right running shoe to begin with, but with the many different types and brand of shoes, you need quality shops with knowledgeable employees to help you find the right shoe for you. While you may not find the cheapest shoe, you will find a show that will help keep you out of the ER which in turn will help save you money (and pain) in the long run. Here are five of Seattle’s best shoe stores for runners:

Fleet Feet
911 E. Pine St.
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 329-1466

If you’re not sure if running is really for you, Brian, the owner of Fleet Feet understands where you’re coming from. He didn’t fall “in love” with running until much later than others and now he is practically a running evangelist running to the shop every morning, helping people find the right shoe for them and spreading the gospel of the joy of running. Fleet Feet have their own “fitlosophy” providing customers with a complete fit helping them find the right shoe with the right fit. They do this by listening to each customer’s needs, taking many different types of measurements and watch how their feet move while in motion and then make adjustments. In addition to the great selection of shoes and service, Fleet Feet also leadsvarious events and offer a reward program giving customers $15 back for every $150 they spend.

Sound Sports
80 Madison St.
Seattle, WA  98104
(206) 624-6717

Since 1996, what customers like about shopping at Sound Sports is that the staff is very knowledgeable, patient and really want to see their customers walk (or run) out of their shop with the right pair of shoes for them. They are open every day to help you meet your fitness goals and since their whole staff are active exercisers themselves, they have a good handle on what they are talking about. They actually encourage customers to call them to ask about running routes that are worth checking out or upcoming races that you won’t want to miss.

Seven Hills Running Shop
3139 W, Government Way, Suite B
Seattle, WA   98199
(206) 941-5866

Located in Magnolia near the Discovery Park Visitor Center, Seven Hills Running Shop is not just a store that specializes in running shoes, they actually specialize for those who run on trails rather than asphalt. In fact, they are Seattle’s only trail-running specialty store (however, they do offer other types of running shoes as well). The owner of the shop only sells shoes because he believes that a good pair of shoes is all a real runner really needs. That isn’t to say that you won’t find other trail gear as well including a large selection of running packs. They also like to run with their customers. Ask about their next trail run event.

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Super Jock ‘n Jill
7210 E, Green Lake Drive N.
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 522-7711

Beginning in 1975, Super Jock ‘n Jill is one of the oldest running shops in Seattle. Since that time, the shop has expanded to serve not only runners, but also walkers, track and field athletes, gym goers, etc. Building a community is paramount for this store. Whether you want to train for your first 5K or your first marathon, they literally will take whatever time is needed to help you find the right products to fit you. “We want to help as many people stay active and healthy as we can,” says Super Jock ‘n Jill “We are a great resource if you need info on local events, new running or walking courses, are in need of a personal trainer or physical therapist or just need a good place to eat in the area.” They also offer different group runs every week. When you stop by their shop, be sure to bring in a pair of your old running shoes as this will help advise them on finding your next best pair.

West Seattle Runner
2743 California Ave. S.W., Suite 101
Seattle WA 98116
(206) 938-0545

As West Seattle’s only specialty running store, West Seattle Runner takes pride in providing the best experience that they can by providing a large selection of shoes and many local products when possible. They also enjoy chatting up new customers and new runners while providing words of encouragement. Whether you are just starting out walking, wanting to tackle your first 5K fun run or master a marathon, they will help guide you along your way to help you reach your fitness goals.

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