By Jeffrey ToteyWhile no two weddings are exactly the same, we all crave to create a unique and personal experience that can make the day extra special. One thing is for sure, while memories fade, photos do not, so don’t skimp on a good photographer. While you’re at it, consider shooting your wedding photos at a place others haven’t thought have yet. While it’s true, nothing is new under the sun and all of the following spots have been used for previous weddings, they haven’t been over-done … just yet.

Waterfall Garden Park
219 2nd Ave. S.
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 624-6096
www.pioneersquare.orgLocated and fairly hidden behind Occidental Square Park, the Waterfall Garden Park is secluded and quite beautiful featuring a 22-foot tall waterfall surrounded by evergreen trees, plant and flowers. The park is well-shaded, which can be good for comfort levels, but may cause problems for photos if the sun isn’t shining just right. Also, since this is public park, you may have to sweet-talk local patrons to step out of view while you’re busy saying “cheese.”
Fairmont Olympic Hotel Staircase/Lobby
411 University St.
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 621-1700 in 1924, the Fairmont Olympic Hotel may be the most elegant hotel in Seattle. It has hosted many wedding receptions, honeymoon stays and has been featured in numerous movies too. While you may not be able to afford your reception here, the hotel will more than likely be willing to accommodate a photo shoot. However you will need to call them ahead of time to make arrangements. The lobby itself is elegant but it is the staircase that will bring out the bride’s inner Cinderella.
The “Wake” Sculpture At The Olympic Sculpture Park
2901 Western Ave.
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 654-3100
www.seattleartmuseum.orgLocated right by the water of Puget Sound, the Seattle Art Museum’s Sculpture Park is full of photo opportunities, but Richard Serra’s weathering steel sculpture maybe offer the best of fun options for very creative wedding photos. “Wake” was the first piece of art installed at the park in 2006. The six larger-than-life curved shapes offer multiple poses for the bridal party. Wander through and pose with the shapes looming overhead. The look of each photo can differ greatly depending on the where the sun is shining and the shadows are falling. Just make sure that the bride doesn’t stand too close to the rusty art work. Another challenge maybe finding a way to keep passers-by from photo-bombing.Related: Best Places to Picnic in Seattle

The Carousel At The Woodland Park Zoo
5500 Phinney Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 548-2500
www.zoo.orgFor a touch of whimsy and yet still elegant, consider using Woodland Park Zoo’s antique carousel. Located at the Northeast corner of the zoo sits the vintage 1918 carousel that was originally built for the Cincinnati Zoo by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company. It is housed under the care of the glass carousel pavilion. Whether you decide to pose the bride and groom on the carousel while in motion, looking in the window or posing on your favorite horse is up to you. For best results, call the zoo to see how they can best arrange a photo shoot.
Seattle To Bremerton Ferry
801 Alaskan Way Pier 52
Seattle, WA 98104
(206)464-6400 of the best views can be found aboard a Washington State Ferry making for some incredible photo opportunities, but traveling with a bunch of strangers make for a tricky photo shoot. Still, the Seattle to Bremerton run offers a 60-minute long ride (2 hours for the round trip) which would allow you a lot of time to work around difficulties and distractions. Keep in mind that it can get pretty windy while out on the sea, so some of the best shots could come while you are still in port.Related: Top Hidden Destinations to Visit in Seattle