Seattle is a hot spot when it comes to chic fashions and clothing trends and there are more clothing designers in the area than you might be aware of. If you too are obsessed with the latest Seattle fashions and what’s in and what’s out when it comes to your wardrobe, then make sure you follow these popular Seattle fashion bloggers. These fashionistas not only give you tips on what to wear, but also share pictures of their favorite outfits they’ve put together and provide you with the latest fashion-worthy news for Seattle and beyond.

Seattle Boutique Blogspot
Sydney Mintle

Seattle Boutique Blogspot is a blog by Seattle-based fashion blogger Sydney Mintle. Sydney loves to shop and can often be found supporting local boutiques, shops and designers in the Seattle area. Started in 2008, Seattle Boutique Blogspot shares a variety of fashion-related topics Sydney is interested and has experience in, including personal styling and make-up, runway shows and production, writing in fashion magazines and other publications and social media and marketing strategies. Follow Seattle Boutique Blogspot and get expert fashion tips from Sydney Mintle in addition to fashion news, the latest fashion trends in Seattle and information from fashion designers.

Crushing On Clothes
Alyson Andrews

Alyson Andrews started her blog Crushing on Clothes in 2010. For Alyson, this blog began more as a fun hobby during her spare time. This 20-something fashionista loves to give her ideas on fashion and shows her followers how to coordinate clothing items with great style and taste. Alyson loves the work of fashion icons such as Lauren Conrad and Nicole Richie and is constantly putting together chic outfits to express her moods, her taste in art and her interests through the clothing she wears. Follow Alyson’s fashion blog and learn about new clothing trends, where to find the best clothing deals in Seattle and her reviews of the latest beauty products.

Lindsay Living
Lindsay Thurston

Lindsay Thurston started her personal style blog to share fun fashion ideas, what she likes to wear, beauty ideas and also fashion and outfit inspirations she finds from all over the world. Lindsay is consumed with all things style and fashion related and this started at a young age while watching “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” with her mom. She loves to take photos of new outfits she puts together, whether they are from Nordstrom Rack or the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store. Follow Lindsay’s blog posts to get fashion and style inspiration, learn about outfits you can find on a budget and the most up-to-date fashion news and style advice for women.

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It’s My Darlin’
Dana Landon

It’s My Darlin’ is a fashion blog from Dana Landon that documents how Seattleites enjoy expressing themselves through their stylish attire. Dana takes pictures throughout the city while out walking and also gathers the latest fashion news and trends online to share with her blog followers. She has been inspired by how other Seattle natives dress, which gives her numerous ideas of how to incorporate various apparel items into her own style of dress. Follow Dana Landon and It’s My Darlin’ blog for ideas on everyday apparel, business attire and wedding apparel, as well as fashion ideas and tips she feels she needs to share with others.

The Girlie Blog

The Girlie Blog is a Seattle fashion and beauty blog started by a Seattle transplant who is proud to call the Emerald City her home. The author of The Girlie Blog created this blog as a personal writing outlet and to connect with other fashion-conscious individuals online. The blog has grown from a personal hobby to a fun hobby and a real passion for fashion. Follow this blog to get great tips on Seattle fashion, news and trends about Seattle street wear, skin care and beauty product reviews, Asian skin care and Asian make-up tips.

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