CW Stars’ Tweets Of The Week: 10/2-10/8

October 9, 2017 9:26 AM

Welcome to a new edition of the CW Stars “Tweets Of The Week” – check out what your favorite CW Stars were up to last week!

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(Please, don't just "like" this photo- instead please read it and tag someone who needs these words today.) _____________________________________________________ I'm heavy. We all are. The world is dark right now. But as we all know- darkness is simply the absence of light. But the amazing thing about light, is that even the tiniest amount can eradicate darkness. So, no matter how dark the world looks, if we allow ourselves to look for it – we can always find that light- we can always find a reason to smile. Here is one of mine. Today, this week, this month. I challenge you all, to look for a reason to smile. And then to look for ways to make SOMEONE else smile. Because "Love and unity come hard when we fix our gaze on otherness" I'm not asking you to abandon your pain, or to stop thinking of and praying for the victims and their families of this and all the other atrocious acts of hate. I'm not asking you to stop posting about policy or politics. Action is not just necessary- it's paramount. But I am asking for you to simply look for the good that exists in this world at the same time. The beauty of the human heart is that it can simultaneously hold both joy and pain. These feelings are not mutually exclusive of each other. So while you're hurting, and mourning, and crying. While you feel the world is dark…don't let yourself drowned. Instead, give yourself permission to look for a reason to smile, to be joyful, and to have hope. Because we aren't built to hold all of the worlds pain by ourselves. But we are built to love. So – look for hope today. I will be looking right along side you. Because I believe that hope exists … I have to. Our future depends on it. #dearmaiya #hope #unity #love

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#FearCon Bonn Germany October 20th – 22nd

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