Seattle is known for many things, from grunge music, to the Space Needle, to its local art scene, and more. Seattle is also known for its fashion sense, and while it may not be known as a fashion Mecca like that of Paris and Milan, both those within and beyond the Emerald City are fashionably inspired by this land. With summer coming up, it’s a good idea to take a quick look at just some of the clothes one should wear while either living or visiting Seattle. Some tips for a fashionable summer in Seattle include…
Wear A Sasquatch ShirtOne of the many things that the Pacific Northwest is known for is the myth and legend of the Sasquatch. Also known as Bigfoot, this hypothetical majestic beast has inspired not only countless tales, but also many merchandising opportunities. One of said merchandising opportunities is the Bigfoot Believe T-shirt. It’s a black shirt with a silhouetted Sasquatch and the word “believe” on the front. These shirts can be purchased at Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, both in-store and online.

Wear Mariners’ MerchandiseBaseball season is now upon us, and the people of the Emerald City are very proud of their team, the Mariners. And like many sports fans throughout the States, fans of the team like to wear their pride on their sleeves. Wearable merchandise one can purchase and wear inspired by the Mariners include hats, hoodies, shirts, and more. And you might also want to buy yourself some tickets to the games and wear your new clothes there.

Wear Sounders’ MerchandiseIn addition to baseball, the people of Seattle are passionate about soccer. Those of the Emerald City are very proud of their local soccer team, the Sounders. Like the above mentioned Mariners, the Sounders have lots of their own fashion statements one can wear, such as shirts, hats, scarves, and more. You can also purchase tickets for their upcoming games online.

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Shop At Afghani CraftsThere are a lot of great shops at Seattle’s iconic Pike Place Market, including plenty for fashion. One of the market’s best places to shop for clothing is Afghani Crafts. This shop, being a perfect example of the multiculturalism of Seattle, includes many different types of clothes from lands such as India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. The different types of clothes included are dresses, scarves, and jewelry.

Wear A SwimsuitWhen people think of Seattle, they often think of rainy and cold weather. However, oftentimes in both summer and spring, the weather can be quite beautiful and perfect for swimming and sunbathing. And it’s perfect weather for all types of swimwear, whether it be trunks, bikinis, one-pieces, or otherwise. Some great places to grab bathing suits in Seattle include Sylvia’s Swimwear and Tininha’s Boutique.

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